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Rami Levi Real Estate

Nof Reches Jerusalem - Hotel & Residential Areas

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Hasid Brothers

Shaar Zion- Residentials Towers, Offices, Hotel &Parking Area

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Sarel Hotels

Nevel David Hotel Tiberius- 20,000 sqm Hotel

BSR Canada Israel

Bavli Residential Complex

Cnaan Real Estate

Levi Eshkol Residential Complex

Enav Real Estate

Mohaliver Residential Complex

Africa Israel

Various Projects in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem


Taaman Real Estate

Projects in Modiin & Jerusalem

Harish Municipality

Harish School 10,000 sqm

Tel Aviv Municipality

Amos Oz School

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Rami Levi Real Estate

Shaar Darom Jerusalem - Two Residential Towers & One Office,9 Levels Parking

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Dexcel Pharma

Clean Rooms & Packing Areas

Among our Clients

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